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Concerning the Arabic language

WhatsVoiceOver is really an Arabic voice over agency, and using WhatsVoiceOver’s search engine to obtain Arabic voices for your project is simple.

Arabic is the world’s sixth most spoken language, with several dialects. It is critical that you choose the appropriate dialect for your audience to guarantee that the message is understood. If you want assistance, please contact our helpful staff.

The UAE economy is thriving. It has a G.D.P of roughly $419 billion, which, when coupled with the GDP of other Arabic-speaking nations like as Egypt, underlines the importance of the language for any business.

The ‘UAE accent’ is the most often requested dialect for Arabic voice performers.

More information about Arabic voice over

Arabic is the official language of 25 sovereign states and is spoken by over 420 million people globally! Egypt, with a population of roughly 55 million people, is the most populous area.

Marketers aiming to target an Arabic-speaking audience should also explore Sudan and the oil-rich ‘Gulf Arabic’ area, which includes the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. This dialect is also spoken in Kuwait and Bahrain.

We typically use the Standard Modern Arabic dialect to develop Arabic voice over for corporate films, advertisements, and phone messages.

An Explainer with an Arabic voice over is a simple approach to promote an internet product or service into Arab markets. And there are presently over 200 million Arabic speakers who have internet access. This figure is projected to rise in the coming years as the Internet becomes more widely available throughout the globe.

Our voice over agency has a staff of skilled Arabic translators and copywriters that can assist you in directing your message.

In addition, we provide Arabic translation services to convert a script into Arabic. Our translators are also copywriters, so they will alter the content creatively for the right regional audience.

We can record the Arabic voice over in rhythm with the images and then combine the voice track with a music soundtrack for video and animation projects at your request. We may also assist with editing and releasing the material.

You may hear expert Arabic voice over speaking in popular dialects at the top of this page. If you were seeking for something else, please go to our search page to hear more Arabic voice performers.