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Find out more about French voice over.

More than 275 million people speak French across the world. After Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, and Arabic, it is the sixth most spoken language. It’s also Europe’s second most widely spoken language.

WhatsVoiceOver makes it simple to find French voice performers. We will guarantee that your French voice over is a certified firsthand speaking professional, unlike other voice over services that may give you with a non-native speaker. This helps your voice over capture regional characteristics, resulting in a stronger connection with your audience.

We’ve recruited French voice performers for a variety of projects and have a lot of experience with them. Everything from translation and subtitling through post-production and delivery in any file format is covered by our services.

Learn the French language.

Many of the world’s top GDP per capita nations, including Switzerland, Belgium, France and Canada, use French as their official language.

In France, there are around 60 million internet users, many of whom have discretionary cash. Any company looking to expand internationally should consider communicating in French.

We provide professional advise and casting services for French voice over, as well as French voice-over for documentaries, radio advertising, and television commercials, among other things.

We have a staff of expert French translators and scriptwriters at our UK-based voice over agency to polish your message.

If you’ve previously created material in English, we can record French voice over in time with the video, making video editing a pleasure!

Demos of some of our greatest French voice over speaking with natural Parisian French accents may be found on this page. Please visit our search page to hear additional voice over if you’re seeking for a different accent or language.

Choose French voice over to attract a:

  • 29 NATIONS. French is the official language of the country.
  • 275 million-strong audience. Speakers of the French language.
  • 33 MILLION. Users of Facebook.